Your Data Isn’t Secure… Get Over It…

From Patrick Rhone:

I’m trading security for personal convenience in all of these cases and it’s a risk I have, thus far, been comfortable with in the instances I have done so. A big part of that comfort comes from knowing that most of our ideas about security are stories we like to tell ourselves and each other to help us sleep comfortably at night. The Internet knows much more about us than most of our friends do from the moment the cable guy flips the switch.

One of the better arguments that I’ve seen on the security vs. convenience debate regarding data portability. For me, the ability to have access to my information significantly outweighs any vulnerability. That said, I am still damn careful about what I throw into the cloud.

If you don’t want someone to find out about something, the internet is probably not the best place for it. Then again, neither is your computer, your smart phone, a notebook, a piece of paper or anything that anyone can possibly get their hands on.

Be mindful about what you put on the web and be cautious enough to know that if someone wants your data badly enough, they just might be able to get a hold of it. But more than anything, be realistic about the desire and effort that someone would be willing to put in to get their hands on it.

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