Why Would Apple Make The Mac Less Efficient?

From Erica Sadun at TUAW regarding App Sandboxing:

Goodbye hotkeys, macro programs, end-user customization, and all the detritus of operating systems that were full of holes to crawl into and dumpsters wherein to dive. The new, clean way of computing is on its way. It may be a lot less fun but it’s gonna sell a hell of a lot of Macs.

I understand making the Mac easier for new users. I understand protecting users from potential security risks. I don’t understand the reason Apple would have for eliminating behaviors that make their computers easier to use.

When I have a new appointment, I use a hotkey to trigger Fantastical. When I have a task, I use one open OmniFocus’ Quick Entry Panel (or their clipper). When I want to do just about anything, I use a hotkey to activate LaunchBar. This happens regardless of where I am on my system and does not require me to touch my mouse or visit a menu of applications.

A decision to remove these hotkeys would reduce the need for these types apps and shrink the market for applications, making Apple less money in the App store. Perhaps Apple is going to change how they types of interactions happen going forward, but I cant see why they would remove them entirely. It adds very little protection to users (especially for apps that go through the Mac App Store review process) and makes using a Mac more difficult (as well as less efficient).

Hopefully this is a case of someone being first rather than right. Then again Apple had no problem ditching its hardcore Final Cut users in hope of a larger audience…

It has now been confirmed to Macworld that this will not be the case and apps using global hotkeys will remain welcome in the Mac App Store. Let’s hope it isn’t. Hat tip to Gabe at Macdrifter for the heads up.


(Hat tip to Stephen Hackett)

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