Why We Don’t Follow Your Rules

Lisa Barone:

I have been living my life backwards and I’m here to say I’m sorry.

You see, instead of being meek, I chose to be outspoken. Instead of worrying about carrying the cross that is being a girl, I chose to focus on being successful.

To my knowledge, I am not a woman. Now that we’ve cleared that up, I think you should click right over and read Lisa’s lament on failing to meet the expectations of other women in tech. Lisa beautifully sums up her point with what could be my favorite quote this year1.

I’m sorry I haven’t been following your rules. Because your rules suck.

It is great reminder for those who realize that what works and what’s supposed to work are often two very different things. If you’ve found or are looking for success by doing things your own way, you’ll find a compatriot over at Outspoken Media.

  1. And we all know that I love quotes.  

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