What I Learned From Richard Simmons!


I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Simmons a few weeks back when we were at QVC.  Richard was going on right after Honora came off the air and I have to admit I was excited to meet him.   Halfway through our show, there was no doubt that Richard was in the building.   We suddenly heard his one-of-a-kind voice belting out “Everything Is Roses” through the walls of the of our greenroom.  When we walked out of the Studio Operations area, we not only found Richard entertaining a room full of people, but he was wearing our pearl jewelry and getting ready to do a promo for his show.

Traditionally QVC will cut to the host of the upcoming show when doing a promo, occasionally they even include the guest.  Richard did it his own way by running onto the set while my father, Joel, and Rick Domeier were in the middle of selling an item and stole the show.  My own amusement aside, I keep thinking back on the experience and I’ve realized that there is a lot to learn from Richard!

Richard Is Memorable – I can (and did) go years without hearing about Richard Simmons, but to see Richard once is to remember him forever.  From his signature look to the consistency of his mission, Richard Simmons is utterly unforgettable.

Richard Is Fearless – The video below will say it way better than I will, but the man has no fear.  There are going to people who don’t appreciate what he puts out into the world, but there is no way that anyone will stop Richard from being Richard.  Enjoy, this is truly hilarious!

Richard Is Gracious – He didn’t have to wear our pearls, he could have simply walked out there, done his promo, talked about what he had planned for the upcoming hour and moved on.  It would not have changed things for him one bit, he chose to go above and beyond promote us as much as he did himself.

Richard Has A Message – He has taken all of his energy and channeled it into a program that has helped overweight men and women lose almost 3,000,000 pounds.  He isn’t just about being a persona, he is about doing something meaningful.

It can often be the unexpected experiences in life that affect you and I have to say, he made an impact.   Some may dismiss him as over the top, but take a deeper look and I think you will agree that there is a lot we can learn from him.  Richard has remains relevant and important to his audience after all these years and he does it simply by being Richard…