The Tinker Trap

From Shawn Blanc

Nerds tinker. We are always wanting to learn, dissect, and refine the minutia of the systems, tools, and toys that we use every day.

It can be easy to tinker too much. But I think it’s a far greater error to not tinker at all.

Tinkering is important, but oftentimes these habits become a distraction that keep us from making things happen.

Experimenting is a good thing and trying something new is almost always worthwhile (even when it doesn’t work out), but once you get too deeply involved in tinkering, you get to a point where the work gets away from you.

Every once in a while, it can pay to learn, dissect and refine, but more often than not, you’re probably just keeping yourself from what you’re perfectly capable of doing with the systems, tools and toys you already have.

4 Responses to The Tinker Trap

  1. A related concept would be tinkering with the system you have already.  Trying to add new features or make improvements that may not be necessary.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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