Three Things I Want to Work On In 2012

five things to try, four things to look forward to, three confessions, two amazing people and the one last thing to start the year off right.The Final Five: my countdown of, yep, you guessed it, the final five posts of the calendar year. And what a better way to wind down 2011 (read: phone it in while I’m on vacation) than some 2012 lists! Tune in all week long for

While I could go on and on and on about things I need to work on, it always helps to try to tackle a few things at a time. For the coming year, there are three main areas where I want to focus more of my efforts:

  • Food – I have a five-year-old’s relationship to food. There are just far too many things that I’ve convinced myself I don’t like. This has lingered for so long that I now have a severe fear of several foods. I’d honestly rather get a root canal than eat a tomato. It’s time to grow up, to get over my flinch and start trying all of the things I’m “certain” I hate. Coincidentally, the things I hate tend to be many of the things that are good for me, so hopefully this not only has an impact of my courage, but my ever-expanding waistline as well.
  • Unplugging – I love technology, but I love it too much. I need to find a bit more balance and learn to be more present. While I’m not certain how I plan to go about it just yet, I want to start structuring more time where I am offline and more importantly off a device. I still want to write as much as I have been and read and listen and watch, all which happens on these devices, so I don’t expect this to be easy, but I know it’s necessary.
  • Work – I unlocked a lot of passion this year, much of it focused on my family, my hobbies and industry. However, the past few years has been a bit of career flux for me as I find my place in our family business and at a certain point, that struggle got the better of me. While I’ve been applying a lot of what I’ve learned over the past year to what I do, I’m looking forward to bringing a lot more of my own passion back to it. I fell into a bit of a rut and I’m excited to break out of it and get back to doing the work I love with the people I love to work with.

I’m sure I’ll fall short at times, but I hope to make some serious progress in all of these areas. I’ll be sure to circle back as I get a bit more tactical about how I plan to improve in each area.

How about you? What are your biggest areas for improvement in 2012?

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  1. I had a lot of foods that I refused to eat and had to get over quickly when I started going out with the wonderful lady who is now my wife.  She’s a great cook and had little patience for my refusal to eat certain common foods.  One way I found to get over it was to just make myself eat those things I thought I didn’t like.  Another thing that helped was going out to eat, I found that if I got a great looking juicy burger at a nice restaurant with red onions and just ate it, I discovered that I really liked red onions.  Most of the foods I thought I didn’t like I now like.  There’s still a few hold outs, but everybody has a few things that they just don’t like.

    • Yeah, the wifey has tolerated my crap up until now. I’ve told her to be far less merciful in 2012. I think she is kind of looking forward to tormenting me… It will be interesting to see what turns out to be a holdout and what was just my being stubborn…

  2. I should have added… forcing myself to eat things I didn’t like didn’t always make me like them, but I discovered that I could eat them without gagging, saving the feelings of my family and friends when they cook for me.

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