The Improbable Fear Of Falling

A city block, an entire New York City block, shut down and locked off. No one is allowed in or out our building and firetrucks line the street.

Is there a fire? No. An injury? No. A cat stuck in a damn tree? Nope. There is a concern, a fear that a piece of sheet metal might be loose on the top of our office building. They are afraid that it might fall.

So here I sit writing this on a Friday, tired after a long week, stuck in the lobby of our building as a fleet of 50 or so firemen attempt to stop something that hasn’t even happened yet.

Beyond a powerful desire to get home, I can’t help but wonder what the world would be like if people responded to things that are actually happening with the same urgency we put into obsessing over those we fear might…

It was probably the right precaution, but just like most things we fear in life, the instant I finished the last sentence the doors opened and we were told there was nothing to fear at all.

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