The Ultimate Secret to Getting Twitter Followers!


OK, I lied… there is no big secret.  I’ve just seen so many recent posts with bloggers offering their “technique” for “getting followers quick” that I had to say something.  There is no value in chasing after followers.  In fact, if you look at Twitter in terms of your followers, you don’t get the value of the site at all.  Followers are a means to an end; when all is said and done,  shouldn’t Twitter be about reaching out to new contacts and learning from them?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not above it all.  In fact, I couldn’t help asking for a little assistance getting the 10 extra Followers needed to break 800 last night.  I mean sure, I hit my “goal,” but what did I really end up with because of it?  If I am being totally honest, I am yet to speak with any of them since we connected.  I am just starting to think that it will be better to grow slower and let things happen organically.  One thing is for sure, last night will be the last time I ask for that kind of help.

When first starting out, Twitter can be a challenge and asking for help when connecting with new people makes sense.  But once you get over 100 followers, it is essentially an exercise in vanity.  There can be immense value in those whom you meet, but it seems that the most rewarding Twitter relationships tend to happen naturally.  One genuine interaction is easily worth 50 new followers.

While it is true that there is no ultimate secret, there are techniques you can use to help grow your presence on Twitter.  Be it trying out services like Mr. Tweet or joining weekly hashtag conversations such as #journchat or #gno, there are many ways to find new people.   My suggestion: get in the game.  If a conversation interests you,  get involved.   Follow back and take interest in those who follow you.  Most importantly, take the time to say something interesting.

The bottom line, spend less time worrying about your stats and a lot more time on the content you create.  Take the time to do this right and you will create an unbelievable resource for yourself.  You might not rack up as many followers as the next guy, but you will gain a lot more from the ones that you do.

[Image via Flickr]