The Two Tiny Things That Will Make The Difference

This post is part of the Idea to Action series.

The devil is indeed in the details. I know this all too well as my life has been a series of things falling through the cracks. My brain is a sieve, so something not captured is something never done.

For years I thought the solution was try harder. It wasn’t. The solution (turns out…) is to have a system that knows my fatal flaws and compensates for them.

As I attempt a new project, there are two tiny steps that will make all of the difference:

  1. A new text snippet in TextExpander
  2. A new folder in OmniFocus

The first ensures that I have a place to capture and isolate the random ideas that come into my head for this project. The second gives me to place to put the specific ideas that require me to take action.

Stupid as it may seem, these two tiny details will be the difference in turning an idea into action. You see, you can’t actually do anything amazing. Few things, if any, by themselves are amazing. It takes hundreds, thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands of small steps and actions add up into something average, none the less something extraordinary. And if I don’t have a way to capture those little things, I’ll never do them, they’ll never add up and the amazing will continue to go undone.

So when I’m serious about making something big happen, when it’s more than just batting an idea around my brain ad nauseam, this is where I start. With those two little things.

We obsess so much on our big idea that we never focus on the tiny details that make it possible. It’s tempting to throw everything you have into the big idea, to will it to life, but if you’re even remotely disorganized, there isn’t enough effort. Have a system and start with the tiny details that will help you make big things happen.

What are the little steps that make big things happen for you?

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