The Three Things #31

The Three Things, is a weekly series where Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks, Howie Goldfarb and I share the one thing that captured our attention and that we believe to be worthy of yours.

Workin’ By Jason Rehmus

Michael on Career Paths: So often we think we can decide what we want to do, and then do our best to try and turn that fantasy into a reality. I have spent much of my life attempting to do exactly that. As I get older, I tend to see it more as a path than a destination. I also believe the destination we’re heading towards early on is rarely the one we reach (or would even want to reach).

I’ve been fortunate to watch my friend Jason Rehmus’ career unfold during the past few years. I watched from afar as he set his sites on a career goal, achieved it, but then decided to keep moving along his path. With his new newsletter we’re all fortunate to get to look at where his career path – which somehow manages to seem both unique and familiar – has led and where it’s about to go.

Notes from the Frontline of the War in Cyberspace

Howie on Information and Hacking: Amazing article. Some of the best quotes ever, such as “you can’t arrest an idea.” There will always be a battle between those who create and want to protect what they created, and those who want access to those creations to set them free. This article has great insights into the hacking culture and data/content wars.

Twenty Things I Wish I’d Know When I Was 30

Gini on Perspective…Again: I am quickly becoming a big fan of the writing of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and this article is no exception. We’re talking about a man who, by the time he was 30, achieves more than most of us do in a lifetime. And yet…he says he wants to climb into a time machine and go back and shake his 30-year-old self. There are a few of themes in it: Get as close as you can to your family, learn how to do things yourself, and stop being so shy. You’ll read this and smile a few times, but it’ll also make your heart hurt a little bit. This man, while a great basketball player, seems to be an even greater intellect.

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  1. Both articles from @ginidietrich and yourself were great this week. Kareem taught me a few things that related to my current situation and your article is my situation to a degree LOL though that might be changing this week!

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