The Three Things #12

The Three Things, is a weekly series where Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks, Howie Goldfarb and myself share the one thing that captured our attention and that we believe to be worthy of yours.

Everything is my fault | Derek Sivers

Michael on Responsibility: Blaming others is easy. It can even be fun. As I type this, I’m blaming Gini for the need to think back through my week attempting to remember what I read in order to pick something for our weekly segment. I mean this whole series was her idea after all. Enjoyable as that may be, this isn’t Gini’s fault, not even a little bit. I committed to doing this with her every week, I enjoy sharing these things, and I forgot to capture ideas for this series as the week went by. So, tempted as I may be to blame Gini for my woes, I can’t. I mean, I can, but I wont. Why? Because earlier in the week Derek Sivers encouraged me to take responsibility, to own that “everything is my fault!” And once I remembered that little tidbit, this week’s “Thing” became clear.

Patented Book System Writes Books in 20 Minutes

Howie on Efficiencies: My esteemed colleagues both wrote took on big writing projects in November. On top of that, Gini co-authored a book with Geoff Livingston that she spent like half a year traveling and promoting after spending lord knows how long writing it. All that work. All that time. But they are slow. Books should only take 20 minutes to write. at least that is how long this professor takes to write his books and he has more than 100,000 of them published and listed on Amazon. In the time it took for me to write these two paragraphs he has written and published two books.

What Kinds of Stories Drive Engagement?

Gini on Engagement: Earlier this year, NPR embarked on an experiment. One that would tell them the types of content people respond to best. One that would help them localize their messages, despite their global reach. One that would “beat” the Facebook algorithm so they wouldn’t have to pay to reach their more than two million fans. After 10 months, they are ready to share their findings. They discovered there are nine types of content that create the most engagement. I think you’ll walk away from reading this with ideas of your own!

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  1. I had a situation in 2000 when one of my best friends I realized never really was a best friend. That he treated me like shit and took advantage of my friendship and kindness. It changed my life. I realized I let him do this over the years. It was my fault. I kicked him out of my life. Wound up changing my friends after a time. Oh and I am a Scorpio…..if you knew the karma pay back you would either say holy shit you really did that and either be appalled or impressed even though the payback actually wasn’t intended as revenge it just happened and lucky me lol But going forward I started being different. And I stopped allowing people who treated me or other poorly into my life as friends. It was pretty amazing. Just had to tell you publicly your article reminded me of that journey.

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