Lately there seems to be quite a few inspirational typographical posters making the rounds. Not one to ignore a trend, I decided to put my own, fairly cranky perspective on what is quickly becoming a well worn genre. 

Unlike some other examples, this one probably won’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside and that’s ok. It’s not meant to. It’s meant to make you think, even if it’s just for a second. Let’s face it… words, no matter how pretty and sweet they might be, don’t really mean all that much if they don’t make you do anything. 

So do me a favor, give this a read (and feel free to share it), but don’t print it, don’t try to find it as a poster or a coffee mug1. Just go do something.

(Hat tip to Patrick Rhone for sharing this and sending me off on this tangent.)

The Passive Aggressive Manifesto by Michael Schechter, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

  1. Although I really kind of want this poster and mug… []
  • John Falchetto

    What if I don’t want to shut up? ;)

    • MSchechter

      Then hopefully there are other takeaways… :)

  • Yuvi Zalkow

    This is great! I like its anti-warm-and-fuzzy call to action. I also can’t get the phrase “put down the donut” out of my head…

    • MSchechter

      Thanks Yuvi! Just downloading The Cocktail Napkin as we speak. As for getting it out of your head, I envy you. Can’t get the damn thing out of my hand…

    • Frank Dickinson

      I love people who love “anti-warm-and-fuzzy”

      Michael – you Rock!

      Yuvi – put down the donut :-)

      • Annie Andre

        Frank does that mean you are now into goth and Emo.

  • Yael Rozencwajg

    This is the perfect manifesto we needed :)


    • MSchechter

      Love it when that happens!

  • Anonymous

    How about ‘just do the right thing’………..epic, huh? 

    And your line ………..designed by someone who can’t MichaelSchechter me; is that like getting Rick Rolled? I think you might be on to something here…………

    • MSchechter

      I like it! But I prefer Schechtered to Rick Rolled :)

  • Tinu

    I’d replace put down the donots with get on the treadmill. Moving counts just as much as calories – significantly more in some people. But I like the graphic and the way it’s designed.  I vote T-shirt. :) Or if you have 12 of these, calendar. Love the disclaimer at the end too.

    • MSchechter

      Feel free to make substitutions where needed :) Although I run plenty and the donuts still friggin kill me. No t-shirts! No calendars! Glad you loved the disclaimer… it’s 100% true.

      • Tinu

        Why can’t I put this on a calendar and zap all meaning out of it? Boo! ;)

        • MSchechter

          Disappointing people is what I do for a living!

  • Ken Mueller

    I have to stop and think a lot before I tweet. But what cracked me up this morning is that I found this because it was re-tweeted by one of the most passive aggressive people I know.

    Do I really have to put down the donut, though?

  • Linda

    I laughed.

    • MSchechter

      Mission Accomplished

  • Rocco Tripaldi

    love it Michael!

    • MSchechter

      Glad it resonated! It was a lot of fun to get that off my chest.

  • Jakub Rusinek

    D’oh, I just tried to find the poster to print :D !

    • MSchechter

      Hate it when that happens :)

  • Kitty Kilian

    I am all for less fuzzy!

    • MSchechter

      I think we could all do with a bit of that.

  • Chris Fellows

    Odd, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. 

    • MSchechter

      That’s my specialty!

  • Jonathan

    A bit heavier on the “aggressive” than the “passive”, isn’t it? ;)