The One Thing | Turning Pro

The One Thing, simply put, features one thing on the internet that captured my attention and that I believe is worthy of yours.

If there’s a writing style that is better than Steven Pressfield’s clear and intent prose, I’m yet to discover it. If there is anyone who can inspire me to do more while saying less, I’d be amazed.

Turning Pro1 is a beautiful, brief and terrifying book. If you don’t absolutely have to read it, if there isn’t something buried deep within you that needs doing, steer clear. If you’re comfortable, don’t read this. If you you’re ready to take your game to the next level pick up Turning Pro right now, devour it and then go do it.

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  1. Happened on this article by chance the way one does when following a trail of links on subject ‘x’.

    Much obliged to you for the info and link to buy – only read the first few pages and hooked already :)

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