The One Thing | Paperless by David Sparks

The One Thing, simply put, features one thing on the internet that captured my attention and that I believe is worthy of yours.

The thought of going paperless is as tempting as it is terrifying. Thankfully David Sparks (a.k.a. MacSparky) offers up a roadmap that even the tech terrified can follow to help eliminate as much paper as possible from their lives.

Long time readers of the site know that I have a contentious relationship with paper. No only did I start reading the book immediately, I finished all 27,000 words in a single sitting. It’s a useful, logical and thorough look at every aspect of going from paper laden to paper free. I’ve made great strides in my own paperless workflow, but I still picked up a ton of tips and tactics.

Aside from being well written and helpful, it’s also a beautiful experience that sets the standard for the new iBooks platform. With 32 screencasts and a slew of photo galleries and interactive images, it feels more like an interactive learning experience than a book.

If you’re even remotely curious about reducing paper or want to eliminate it entirely, Paperless is for you. And it’s just $5 in the iBookstore.

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4 Responses to The One Thing | Paperless by David Sparks

  1. This is one I’m going to have to read.

    Funny – for almost 10 years I worked for H&R Block during tax season. Almost every year they said we were “going paperless.”

    You know the drill – each year we had more and more reasons to need more and more paper to do the job.

    Go iBookstore!

    (did I tell you that I finally jumped into the iphone pool?)

    • It’s a damn good one. I can see how going paperless can be a challenge for a major corp., but David does an amazing job of making it seem more than possible for guys like you and me :) Congrats on the iPhone! How are you liking it?

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