The Incredible Future Of Creativity

From Eddie Smith:

It may all sound like hyperbole now, but I think we’re seeing telling signs of an incredible future to come–one where creating things will only require creativity.

The tools have already become so easy to use, but it is the fear of them that keeps many from using them to create. It is always a good thing when our tools become easier to use. However, it won’t really be until many overcome those fears that Eddie’s vision for the future can come into focus.

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    • Tried to shove a lot into a little post there! Thankfully Eddie’s raw material made it easy (I don’t know if you read his stuff, but Practically Efficient has been on fire lately). Glad I get the gears turning, that’s what I’m going for… many of these shorter contextual posts are exactly that, things that made me think that I hope others enjoy!

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