The Creative Turn

Who is this for? Those hoping to shift from creative struggle to creative success.

As readers of A Better Mess know all too well, I’m a big fan of both Yuvi Zalkow and his I’m A Failed Writer video series. It was the perfect mix of honesty and inspiration. Yuvi shared his struggles, but it also always felt as if the videos were helping him to overcome them.

When the series had run its course, I was sad to see it go, but excited to see where Yuvi would take his animated video concept next. After a few months of experimentation Yuvi has settled in on a new format. It’s one that I believe will prove to be extremely useful (and amusing) to those struggling with their own creative endeavors.

The Creative Turn – Yuvi’s new series – is an evolution of his own creative process. He will release one long-form interview as a podcast each month and then follow up with one of his short-form animated videos two weeks later. Each video will boil down the long-form conversation to its essence. I like to think of it as the podcast equivalent of CliffsNotes. The conversations will not be centered on the guests latest work. It looks to examine the time where their creative work went from floundering to flourishing.

As with many creative experiments, The Creative Turn started with a test. One night, Yuvi and I sat on Skype drinking and discussing the possibilities. The conversation started with a long list of things that Yuvi could do and we discussed them (and continued to drink) until they became one clear thing he would do. This conversation was never meant to be used – this will be clear from the audio quality – but as you will see from the abridged version of our discussion, it had a creative turn of its own.

Check out episode “zero” of The Creative Turn and check back two weeks from now to see the animated video Yuvi will create from our conversation.

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