Which Apps Are You Thankful For?

From Eddie Smith:

I think it’s important to talk about apps that you like. […]

I know that when I freely advertise useful apps, I win. If developers that make my favorite apps do well, I do well. And so I talk about them. A lot.

You should start talking, too.

Eddie’s post got me thinking. Today we’re all going to spend a lot of time with those we know and love, but why not take a second to say thanks to developers who we will never meet, but make every day of our lives a bit better. While there are a ton of apps that I love and use, there are two that I want to “give thanks” for that rise above the rest.


The first is Marco Arment’s Instapaper. I’ve spoken about it time and time again on this site, but nothing has done more to help me to continually self-educate over the past few years. At its core, is an app that can take whatever web page you are looking at and save it for later in a clean, easy-to-read format on your iPhone, iPad or through any web browser. All of those articles that you want to read, but don’t have time for and never get to… send them to Instapaper and you will always have something interesting to read.

Purchase Instapaper for $4.99 on the App Store


Next up is Brett Terpstra’s free and excellent nvALT. This Mac app syncs all of your text files across all of your devices through the magic of Dropbox or Simplenote. It has not only changed the way I write, but is so fast and easy to use that it has done more than anything else to encourage me to write more. If, like me, you are also a fellow Markdown junky (or an aspiring junky), you can support Brett through his easy-to-use Markdown Preview app, Marked.

Download nvALT for free and please, purchase Marked for $2.99 in the Mac App Store

These two apps alone have done wonders to help me continually improve and I could not recommend them more. Thanks Brett and thanks Marco for the time and love you put into these life-altering applications. And thanks Eddie for the great suggestion.

I’m sure you are all spending time with friends and family today, but if you get a chance over the next few days, please share your own favorite apps in the comments, in your own post, or on Twitter under the hashtag #ThanksApps. With the busiest shopping season of the year upon us, I’m sure that many of your favorite developers would greatly appreciate you pointing your friends, family and assorted holiday shoppers in their direction.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are ridiculously full and happy as you read this.

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