Supporting Characters

At the age of twelve my brother knew what he wanted to do. He had fallen in love with movies and started watching everything, and anything, he could get his hands on. Most memories of our childhood involve us either fighting (as brothers do) or watching movies. While movies were always a pleasure for me, it was clear that they were a passion for him.

It’s been a joy over the past two decades as I’ve watched my little brother wish and work his dream of making his own films into a reality. It’s been a gift to watch as movie marathons led to film school, which led to writing a feature, which led to writing and directing his first feature, which all led to today.

Today is an exciting day and an exciting time in my brother’s life. Not only is his latest film, Supporting Characters, out on iTunes, but he is currently in pre-production on a project that will likely require me to call him Mr. Schechter from now on.

I’m biased as hell, but Supporting Characters is a movie worth watching. While billed as a romantic comedy, it’s really a film about two best friends (inspired by my brother’s real-life collaboration with co-writer and actor Tariq Lowe). In addition to Tarik, the film features Alex Karpovsky from HBO’s Girls (who is so much like my brother it scares me), Arielle Kebbel, Kevin Corrigan, Sophia Takal, Melonie Diaz, Sebastian Sozzi, and Mike Landry. It’s a funny, honest independent film that I think you’ll enjoy.

It’s been an amazing thing to watch a twelve-year-old film fanatic turn into a talented storyteller. It’s even more amazing to see him thriving in a career where hard work and desire is often not enough. And, for me, it’s a joy to ask you to check out my brother’s latest film, Supporting Characters.

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