Summing Up My 2009 Before The Sun Comes Up

It is never a good thing when without reason you wake up before the sun on the last day of the year with a dull panic in the back of your head. No matter what you accomplished, all you can do is focus on what is left to be done. Don’t get me wrong, 2009 was an amazing year personally as well as professionally and I am looking forward to a challenging, but exciting 2010. Yet here I am at 4:46 AM obsessing on what has led to here and what is left to be done.

In February, it will be 10 years in our family business and I have a feeling that when looking back 2009 will be the year I truly found my comfort zone and discovered a passion for enhancing the way our organization communicates. I felt a certain pull from Social Media 2008, but 2009 was the year where I immersed myself in learning everything I possibly could about the subject and experimenting many of the latest forms of marketing that are available. Thankfully, I was encouraged to go down this rabbit hole and allowed to take chances with our digital efforts. Some experiments were better than others (I will be sure to touch on this in a future post), but when we looked at the end of the year, it was clear that we are beginning to communicate with those who wear our pearl jewelry in a whole new way.

If 2008 was the year of discovery and 2009 was then year of study, then the goal for 2010 is to be a year of action. It is taking what we’ve learned over the past year and a half and using it to move the needle (a special thank you to Chris Brogan for ingraining that in my head throughout 2009). It is going beyond the thoughts, theories and experiments to make our marketing and communications efforts more effective for our business. On January 4th, I am heading back to several new challenges. A new position in a newly formed marketing department in a new office with a new partner in crime as my brother is enters into the business. To say that our personal goals and the external expectations on us for the coming year are lofty is a massive understatement.

So why put all of this out into the world? Well, one reason is because it is just past 5 AM now and this anxious energy needed to go somewhere, but mostly because goals aren’t real unless you voice them. Sure, I’m only putting the overarching theme down here, but without the big picture, the small details will never become clear. In fact, my brother and I have already started plotting every last one of those details for 2010 so we can hit the ground running.

How about you? How did you wake up this morning and what do you have planned for 2010? Let me know in the comments section. Thanks for reading this year and I hope that in addition to big plans for 2010, you have exciting and enjoyable plans for ending 2009 on a high note. Happy New Year!

Note: Forgive the lack of a proper copy edit, it just felt right to post this one raw. I am sure my wife will work her grammar magic on this post later in the day. Update: Grammar has now been updated… Thanks wife!

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