Starters Anonymous

As a professional starter, I know the dangers all too well. I know what it is to chase the excitement that comes along with a new idea rather than the fulfillment that comes from completing an existing one.

I also know I’m not alone. I often talk with others about chasing the high of the shiny and the new. So much so that a few of us have even discussed starting a group.

In theory, this is a great idea. I mean, why shouldn’t we support each other and help one another finish? In reality, it’s just another thing we’d be starting. Another high we’d be chasing. Something new to start. So rather than do that, I decided to start and finish something far easier, yet hopefully equally helpful. Something that takes what I would have wanted Starters Anonymous to say and manage to say it in two minutes.

If you’re one of us, I hope this helps. And if you are looking to talk about this kind of stuff, the comments or the contact form are always here for you. If you want an easy way to find this, what kind of professional starter would I be if I didn’t purchase and point it here?

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