Squiggle From Chaos Into Clarity

From Damien Newman:

Years ago I dropped a simple illustration into a proposal to convey the design process to a client. It was meant to illustrate the characteristics of the process we were to embark on, making it clear to them that it might be uncertain in the beginning, but in the end we’d focus on a single point of clarity. It seemed to work. And from then on, I’ve used it since. Many many times.

Even though “The Squiggle” is a design concept, I find it to be a fitting analogy for what we are meant to attempt with our lives (or at least what I am attempting with my own). While it is certainly not by choice, chaos is the natural state through which I navigate the world. In any endeavor, it is my both starting point and the wall I will always struggle to climb.

While I’m far from the focused stage, I’ve found that striving for this kind of focus will help me move my projects forward and my entire life out of uncertainty and into the kind of clarity hinted at in this picture.

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  1. This kind of looks like my signature :)

    Yes, the creative process is most definitely uncertain in the beginning. Can I steal this? This would be a great printout to put in front of a client during an initial meeting. You see what I have to deal with in the beginning, people? But it will all work out in the end, trust me. A single point of clarity, indeed!

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