Spinning Plates

Like most who seek out a site like this, I keep several plates spinning at once. At times it feels like all I’m doing is running from one stick to the other to ensure that there’s enough momentum to keep any and all of my projects from crashing to the ground.

Now, as discerning readers may have noticed, the plate has been spinning a little slower here. Last week – for the first time in years – it stopped altogether. Life came on strong. I had some family issues followed by a cold that kicked my ass. My energy was spent, my mind unfocused. Rather than having one plate come crashing to the floor – which often leads to others following in its path – I decided to spin one less plate for a while.

As the week progressed, other plates came down as well. I maintained my obligations to others, I did what needed to be done at work and at home, but I was far from my best. It was all I could do to get by. Rather than doing it all poorly, I scaled back and did what I could. The remaining plates wobbled, but none fell.

Once A Plate Stops Spinning…

Hard as it may be to keep a plate spinning, it’s a terrifying thing to let them stop. Well, it’s terrifying for those of us who are prone to breaking habits (and plates for that matter…). Getting that initial momentum was hard enough. We live in fear that if the plate stops spinning, it may never start again. Difficult as this may be, it’s an opportunity. Once you’re ready to start spinning again, you have a moment to reassess, to ask the one question that really matters: Am I spinning the right plates?

I may not have chosen this moment to slow down, but I’d be been foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity. When you’re spinning, it’s difficult to see things clearly. You’re so busy maintaining momentum that you lack the clarity to properly assess your choices. Because I had to take the plates down, I found myself with a moment to really consider them.

I’ve been at this for a while now and – while I love the work I’m doing here – there was a part of me that worried it was becoming more of a habit than a desire. The time away did me some good. I won’t lie, it was nice, but I missed this. And while it may not be the easiest thing to get back into the routine, I’m really looking forward to getting the plate spinning again.

See you tomorrow.

One Response to Spinning Plates

  1. I really sympathise with you on this one. Recently I’ve felt like ‘getting out of bed’ and ‘turning up to work’ were plates in themselves as a result of ongoing man-flu and child-induced insomnia.

    In those instances stopping the odd plate or two, as difficult as it may feel at the time, is an entirely sensible thing to do to avoid total plate-smash.



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