Social Media…What’s It Really All About? | From JCK Magazine

If 2010 is remembered as the year the jewelry industry accepted social media, then 2011 will likely be the year we decide if we want to embrace it. Soon, businesses will see social media’s shiny newness wearing off, and the harsh light of day will help us decide if this really matters to our individual businesses. Regular readers of this column know I am passionate about these tools; but they are going to be relevant to your business only if they are applied to hard goals. With this in mind, take the time to get started on the right foot by creating a marketing strategy for the new year and decide exactly what you hope to gain from your online efforts.


Every month, JCK Magazine is kind enough to let me talk about the ways that technology and Social Media are impacting the jewelry business. To start the year off right, I wanted to take a step back from examining the trends and talk about what I believe Social Media is really all about. Give the full article a read and let me know what you think!

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