The Serendipity of Stupidity

The keen-eyed amongst you may have noticed an anomaly in my usual publishing schedule this week. Rather than my standard five posts, five days a week, I accidentally released two posts simultaneously on Tuesday. My gut instinct was frustration with myself… “Good going Mike. Way to screw something easy up…” But then something interesting happened.

Elijah May misread the title of what was meant to be today’s post as “The Power of Unicorn Inspiration” rather than “The Power of Unintentional Inspiration” and expressed his disappointment to both myself and Randy Murray who was featured in the post. Now more often than not, we’d smile at the tweet and move on, but not Randy. As someone who is always encouraging others to take on writing assignments, he took the ball, is running with it and plans to publish a post with Elijah’s far more imaginative title on January 24th.

So what am I getting at here? Well, the things we see as mistakes, the things we beat ourselves up over, they’re only really problems if we don’t make the most out of them. While we won’t know what kind of magic this misstep will lead to until later in the month1, I’m almost certain I wouldn’t be writing this and I’m willing to bet the whole Elijah and Randy exchange never would have happened had you been reading the correct post today.

For those who beat themselves up over the small things, why not try making the most out of them? Sure it’s best to avoid making the mistake, but once you do, lean in and see what you (or in this case Randy) can make out of it.

  1. Although I have no doubt that Randy will kill it.  

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