Sending Multiple Safari Tabs to OmniFocus

From Shawn Blanc:

Sometimes the number of tabs I have open in Safari gets ahead of me, and I find myself with a few dozen sites waiting for my attention but I’m out of time. Or perhaps I’ve got several tabs open for a current project I’m working on but I need a break from working on that project. Or maybe I’ve got so many tabs open that Safari starts taking up more than its fair share of CPU resources.

Well, here’s a clever little AppleScript that grabs all the open tabs in Safari’s frontmost window and creates a new to-do item in your OmniFocus Inbox with the Title and URL of each tab listed out within the task’s note.

I’ve been looking for a way to do this and have already managed to put this trick to good use. I made a minor change so that my list of links opens in the Quick Entry box rather than automatically dropping the task into my OmniFocus Inbox. This lets me name the file and provide any additional information, thus avoiding the inevitable case where I find myself staring at my inbox having completely forgotten why I copied the links in the first place…

You can download my Keyboard Maestro macro here or checkout the original version over at

Hat tip to Justin at Veritrope

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