Quick Quotes Weekly | The Merlin Mann Edition

Every day, I steal (I mean share… yeah!  Share!) my favorite quotes from my weekly reading over at SmarterThanIAm.com.  To spice things up, I plan to share my five favorites here each week, all year long!  Be sure to click the links and read the full posts, these are smart people saying really smart things.

If we really, really are honest with ourselves, there is not really that much stuff that we can’t ship because of other people. – Merlin Mann

Until you know what you care about the only thing you’ll focus on is your lack of focus. – Merlin Mann

Nobody is ever going to be happy with how far along you are at being the person they wish you were. – Merlin Mann

Most companies try to heard racehorses and raise sheep. – Andy Hunt (Hat tip to Merlin Mann)

Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right. – Henry Ford (Hat tip to Dan Kisch)

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