Quick Quotes Weekly | The Infinite Capacity Edition

We all find inspiration in different ways. For some, it stems from solitude and meditation. For me, this often comes through allowing my ideas to collide with the thoughts of those far smarter than I. As I look to improve, I find that attempting to write great things often starts with reading them. Attempting to inspire others often begins with becoming inspired yourself. With this in mind, I regularly collect and share some of the more inspiring work I find on the web.

Creativity is fostered, not inherited.

Shawn Blanc <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

Life is anything but inevitable. But it continually amazes me how when I stop pursuing something that isn’t really right for me that I discover something perfect.

Randy Murray <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

I am looking for people who have an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done.

Henry Ford (Hat tip to Shawn Blanc) <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

Bertrand Russel (Hat tip to Gabe Weatherhead) <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

That thing is out there lying in wait for you. The one that is waiting for you to focus your energy on. The one you want to do. The one you love to do. It will not happen without you. No one else will do it. Maybe someone else will do something like it. But that will be their thing. That won’t be your thing. Your thing will only happen when you decide to do it.

Patrick Rhone <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

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