Quick Quotes Weekly | The Head On Edition

We all find inspiration in different ways. For some, it stems from solitude and meditation. For me, this often comes through allowing my ideas to collide with the thoughts of those far smarter than I. As I look to improve, I find that attempting to write great things often starts with reading them. Attempting to inspire others often begins with becoming inspired yourself. With this in mind, I regularly collect and share some of the more inspiring work I find on the web.

Sometimes our lizard brains build mountains where only roads exist — mainly so we have an excuse not to venture down them.

Patrick Rhone <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

Art inspires. Design motivates.

Otl Aicher

(via UnderConsideration.com)

We eschew personal responsibility out of laziness with the expectation that, somehow, “technology” and “science” has–or will find–a way out, whatever the cost.

Instead of facing our flaws head on, instead of killing our passions at the root, instead of practicing sane asceticism and foregoing that which we ought not do and working hard to do that which we ought, we march onward to the noose hoping they’ve engineered a rope that does not choke.

J.D. Bentley <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

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