Quick Quotes Weekly | The Good Friday Edition

Every day, I steal (I mean share… yeah! Share!) my favorite quotes from my weekly reading over at SmarterThanIAm.com. To spice things up, I plan to share my five favorites here each week, all year long! Be sure to click the links and read the full posts, these are smart people saying really smart things.

Social media is a great way to tell the world what you’re thinking before you’ve had a chance to think about it.

Chris Pirillo (Hat tip to Stuart Mills) <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

Good design isn’t about making decisions for your users, it’s about making those decisions irrelevant.

Michael Lopp (Hat tip to Ben Brooks) <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

Writing is about extracting art from trash. It’s about taking what’s around you and finding some value in it.

Chris Brogan <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

Deep self-belief isn’t ignited just by striving to believe in yourself, but by believing in something bigger than yourself.

Umair Haque <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

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