Quick Quotes Weekly | The Dominating Thoughts Edition

Every day, I steal (I mean share… yeah! Share!) my favorite quotes from my weekly reading over at SmarterThanIAm.com. To spice things up, I plan to share my five favorites here each week, all year long! Be sure to click the links and read the full posts, these are smart people saying really smart things.

Every man is what he is, because of the dominating thoughts which he permits to occupy his mind.

Napoleon Hill (Hat tip to Tim Sanders) <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

All of the motivation in the world means nothing without the determination to see it through to the bitter end.

Mitch Joel <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

Inspiration and work ethic, they ride right next to one another.

Jack White (Hat Tip to Chase Jarvis) <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

Discipline — regardless of century, technology or era — has always been the commitment to choose one thing at the expense of all others.

James Shelley <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

What kind of joyless monochrome world would this be if we all made decisions based solely on the grounds of practicality and productivity?

Christopher Phin <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

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    You are dead to me.

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      Can’t believe it took this long! Trust me… Got some good ones in the queue!