Quick Quotes Weekly | Left My Heart In San Fran Edition

Every day, I steal (I mean share… yeah! Share!) my favorite quotes from my weekly reading over at SmarterThanIAm.com. To spice things up, I plan to share my five favorites here each week, all year long! Be sure to click the links and read the full posts, these are smart people saying really smart things.

What someone helps write, they will help underwrite.

Nicole Glaros – from Do More Faster <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff! (Affiliate Link)

Mediocre CEOs point to their brilliant strategic moves or their intuitive business sense or a variety of other self-congratulatory explanations. The great CEOs tend to be remarkably consistent in their answers. They all say: “I didn’t quit.

Ben Horowitz <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

The worst outcome for a startup is not failure — it’s mediocrity.

Dharmesh Shah <— Click To Read More Smart Stuff!

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