A Quick and Crappy Basketball Metaphor

Getting someone who agrees with you to nod their head more vigorously is a layup.

Getting someone who is shaking their head to stop for a second and think, that’s a three pointer.

Lately it seems as if a lot of us are just taking the easy shots, getting the people who already agree with us to agree just a little bit more. We no longer aim for the people we once hoped to reach, because (and let’s face it) changing someone else’s mind is hard work.

If you are playing to win, the easy layups just aren’t going to cut it. Go for 3 or go home.

Note: I know little to nothing about sports, so this metaphor may be for crap…

12 Responses to A Quick and Crappy Basketball Metaphor

  1. A baseball analogy might have worked more easily. Just sayin’. 

    Fear of confrontation or of alienating the audience possessed? It’s rather common. Personally, I do like a bit of argument. Sometimes I argue just to argue (ever try that? It’s fun and enlightening). 

    I think this is where I say I disagree (if I’m trying to fit with the theme of my comment). 

    • The problem is that I know enough about baseball that I wouldn’t be able to hide behind my ignorance. Also, in that sport it’s often as important to get a single as it is a home run (then again, I probably could argue that it is more important to make a layup and put 2 on the board rather than try for 3 and miss).

      Fear of confrontation or of alienating people is valid, but not very interesting. If you aren’t willing to lose a few folks (read: a lot of folks) along the way, you probably aren’t saying anything all that interesting.

      Little bit of argument is never a bad thing, hell sometimes a lot of it isn’t half-bad either.

      • I forget who said it, but a writer once said that if you didn’t offend at least half your audience, then you didn’t do your job right. (And I paraphrase.) One of my favorites for this in recent years has been Christopher Hitchens. Not that I agree with everything (or even most) of what he says, he sure as hell embraces the attitude we’re talking about. 

        • I don’t know who said it either, but that guy is spot on. Love Hitchens, have tried to get into his books, but like you I applaud his conviction, but don’t always love what he is going on about. I find Joseph Jaffe to have a very similar voice. Don’t always agree, but love how firmly he believes what he says and how deeply he has thought it through.

  2. Go high or go home, go big or go home. Go for 3 is what it’s all about Michael. @ShadBoots:disqus you are right, if you don’t upset some folks sometimes then you aren’t doing your job properly. UNless you are a politician.

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