Myopia, Clarity and My Big Mouth

There are certain places where I think it is logical to use productivity stuff with your kids and there are certain places where it is practically criminal.

If you’re using it to structure playtime with your kid you are either really, really disorganized to a point where you need to see a doctor, or you just not that into being a parent.

My dumb ass on this week’s podcast.

We see the world through our own lens. Sometimes we do this to a fault. No one is guilty of this more than I am…

I tend to trust in my big mouth, it often takes me in interesting directions. It also, occasionally gets me in trouble. This usually isn’t because I said something I didn’t mean (although that happens). More often than not, it’s because I was either a) unclear or b) myopic in the point I was trying to make.

Let’s take my “foot meet mouth” inducing quote from above. For parents who work a structured day away from the home, the quote above probably makes a lot of sense. You come home and from the time you step in the door until the moment the last little head hits the pillow, you are on your kid’s schedules. Those who work from home or set their own schedules probably think I’m a huge ass right now. Scheduling time is an essential part of making sure that both the work and your family get the attention they need.

With all of this in mind, the purpose of this post is tri-fold: I wanted to clarify the remark, touch on the importance of clarity and encourage you to give the latest episode a listen despite the quote.

A Point Of Clarification

I took it for granted that my schedule defines this time naturally. So to clarify, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have scheduled time with your kids, especially when you work from home like my co-host Mike Vardy. I do however think it’s bad when that time is needlessly structured. When your own need for a system gets in the way of the time you spend with your kids. That may still offend a few of you, but I’m ok with that.

Let Me Be Clear

The expectation that you will simply understand what I’m talking about is something I often take for granted. All too often, I expect you to know what I’m thinking. I believe that you fully understand my intentions, which leads me to say or write stupid things. It’s why I always ask (read: beg) my wife to read these posts no matter how boring the may be to her. No matter how badly I’d like readers or listeners to see where I am coming from, I know what I’m talking about at all times and you never instinctively know what I mean.

Taking the time to clearly structure what you want to say, especially when it is somewhat polarizing, is essential. It’s often the difference between sparking a debate and causing a fight. You also have to take this one step further and think beyond the scope of your own lens. I took it for granted that I work a steady job with regular hours. And while the comment wasn’t aimed at them, I can easily see how my lack of clarity would lead anyone who sets their own schedule to take offense.

Give It A Listen

My little outburst aside, I’m damn proud of the episode as a whole. I think parents, especially those of the geeky variety, will enjoy it. There are some great insights on working from home from Mr. Vardy and we have some interesting back and forth on how our gadgets impact the time we spend with our kids. You can check it out here.

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