There are two kinds of more.

The more as in “I need more of this” or “I have more to do”.

And then there’s More. As in, “I want more out of life” and “this means more”.

When I started getting my act together, I wanted to be able to do more. As I begin to feel like I’m getting somewhere, I want things to be More.

Finding balance is a challenge. It feels as if there is a constant battle between width vs. depth, and to be honest, I’m not always sure I’m choosing the right one.

Do you find yourself fighting the same fight? How are you go about balancing more and More?

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  1. Good question. I know I want more than the “good job” I have right now but I find every step forward is met with resistance — often from my own fears or apathy. Getting to that new place where I can do more of what I want is a challenge, for sure. It means making more tough choices, pushing more limits, burning more candles from more angles. The balance is usually found in a night like tonight where I don’t do more of anything. Tomorrow, I’ll be back at it.

    • I’m all too familiar with self imposed fears and apathy. The more I’m fighting them, the more I find it just takes time and painful foot in front of foot forward motion. My biggest problem isn’t doing something I want. Its that I want to do everything :) Picking something can be a challenge :) Because the more I try to do everything, the less I find myself accomplishing anything.

      Hope you enjoyed last night, now get back at it :)

  2. I am fighting that same fight. People keep asking me how I manage to do everything I’m currently doing. I’m not sure. I’m really stubborn? Even so, I’m slowly pruning what I’m doing so that I can get to More rather than more. I’ve been setting some strict parameters around my time, too, not that those always stick. It’s one of the blessings and curses of having a roommate. It’s probably a good thing, though. All work and no play makes me a very dismal person.

    • I think it’s a fairly universal one for those of us who have the day life and the night life :) I’m slowly pruning too, but it gets far more difficult when it comes to cutting out the things you care about rather than just cutting out the waste. Sadly, I find this stuff to be play :)

      • I’ve been down the road where I’ve cut all play. It’s not a good place to be. I guess my advice is to keep some of the play. It makes the work more enjoyable even if you’re stressed about how you’re going to accomplish everything. :) I’m also having to realize that many of my projects are going to need lengthier time frames since I can’t dedicate the same number of hours to them that I once did, and I’m having to learn to be okay with that fact.

        • Oh, I always manage some play. Spent way too much time watching Sherlock this past weekend :) But I agree, as my interests solidify, there’s a need to cut down and cut back. Focus, it’s a funny little thing…

          • Ha! I watched the first and second episode of the new season this weekend. My friends downloaded all three. That means we only have one episode left to watch. :(

            Do you know Bill and Dave’s Cocktail Hour? Yesterday’s Bad Advice Wednesday had a line about obsessively focusing. I probably need to focus a little more, but I’m having a hard time deciding where I need to focus and what will need to be cut as a result of that focus. sigh So much for having everything figured out…

          • That’s a bummer, but I do like that it is three 1.5 hour movies rather than 9 half hour eps. I don’t know Bill and Dave, off to check them out. Although obsessive focusing will never be my problem :)

  3. I think that I am in the very beginning stages of really considering this internal debate. I’ve started writing and creating every day no matter the quality or depth, and my hope is that after I’ve written a lot these quick notes and thoughts I can comb them for some great pieces that hit the mark I’m aiming at.

    Who knows? I try to emulate your excellent work and the advice of other great writers and find those hidden tricks that help foster success, and so far I feel much more confident about my whole process.

    • That act of creating daily did so much to help me find what I loved. So it’s a great step one. Feeling confident about the process is easily step two, so you’re already well on your way!

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