More on Evernote’s Endgame

More from Ben Brooks on Evernote’s endgame:

Evernote, in my head, has always been billed as a tool of that nature of: “you only need this tool, it does everything.” In that sense Evernote is a lot like a Leatherman — very handy, but not the best at anything other than being really handy.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have its place — I own three Leatherman tools — but it is to say that what makes a Leatherman handy is that all the tools are in one package. What Evernote is doing is selling the Leatherman, but also saying there is a neat hammer and a neat drill that you can buy to go along with it — which makes the entire package a bit less handy.

The Leatherman is a perfect analogy for what Evernote has always looked to be for its users. The toolbox is a better analogy for what it seems that they’re looking to become. It takes time and thought to break that Leatherman apart, acquire the missing tools and put it all neatly inside a box. At the moment, as Brooks points out, we have a bunch of good tools. If I’m right we’ll soon have a potentially great ecosystem and much needed toolbox.

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