Mikes on Mics Is Joining 70Decibels

I’m very excited to share that my co-host, Mike Vardy and I have slowly but surely connived Myke Hurley to include our podcast, Mikes on Mics, as part of the 70Decibles podcasting network. We will be joining their ranks as of our very next episode.

For the three of you fine readers who are not yet listening to the rather excellent selection of fine programming, I thought I’d share a bit about the others shows on the network:

11 MinutesDave Caolo, Myke Hurley and Terry Lucy joke around for about an hour and Myke painstaking edits things down to exactly the eleven funniest minutes. The show has recently returned from an extended hiatus and is a great mental break with a great group of guys.

The 512 Podcast – A weekly talk show on tech, journalism and design with Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley. Their most recent episode, featuring Myke’s reaction to some fact correcting is a must listen as far as I’m concerned (especially if you were a fan of the Mike Daisey fiasco).

The App Orchard – A look at the latest in all things app. Macgasm Founder and Editor In Chief, Joshua Schnell joins Myke to dissect the newest Mac and iOS applications and to occasionally discuss the devices that house them.

The Bro Show – Myke’s weekly show with Terry Lucy was the genesis of the 70Decibles and is easily my favorite regular conversation on Apple (in a podcasting universe surrounded by weekly conversations about Apple). Their March episodes have been on fire lately with visits from David Sparks, Jason Snell, Peter Cohen and Ben Brooks.

Cooking With… – While some may be confused by the lack of any discussions of recipes or food, this weekly chat with Myke and Brett Kelly is an informative pleasure. As a fan of Brett’s takes on things like minimalist writing environments and the unexpected benefits of OmniFocus, it’s a pleasure to spend time with these guys.

Enough – Easily one of my favorite podcasts, this brief twice-weekly podcast is a must-listen for anyone who both loves Mac geekery and is looking to find a bit more balance in their life. Patrick Rhone and Myke offer insight and entertainment in their regular discussions on everything from Twitter Apps to Morning Rituals.

Home Work – Working from home or even attempting to create an environment where you can get things done can be a challenge, especially for those of us who have kids running around. Dave Caolo and Aaron Mahnke (who handles most of the design for 70Decibles, including our logo) offer tips, tactics and insight for those who work at home.

The Pen Addict – As someone who has always had a contentious relationship with paper and pens, Brad Dowdy and Myke’s weekly look at all things pen and paper would seemingly be an illogical addition to my weekly listens. Yet the tactics they offer for making better use of analog tools has proven to be surprisingly useful (considering my stubbornly digital slant on productivity).

Ungeniused – A podcast for the curious, this weekly dive into a random subject on Wikipedia is an unexpected pleasure. Stephen Hackett and Myke make the examination of just about anything a highly entertaining and surprisingly informative listen.

Write For Your Life – A recent addition to the network, Iain Broome and Myke’s weekly discussion on the vocation of writing has quickly become a must-listen for me. While I’m not a professional writer, their regular looks at reading, writing and the art of being a published author are a highly useful education. I’m especially partial to the episode on writing in plain English.

When Myke first joined us for an episode of “How Packed Is Your Mac”, I mentioned that the network does an excellent job of covering everything from “analog to digital”. And we could not be more thrilled to bring our weekly hybrid of techie goodness and good-old-fashioned productivity best practices to this already impressive network.

If you haven’t already given our podcast a listen, visit the Mikes on Mics’ website one last time (we will be live on the 70Decibles site next week) and check it out as Myke Hurley joins us for the second time to discuss side projects. The occasional background “insights” from my newborn aside, it’s an informative look for those who struggle to juggle a passion project alongside our already jammed-packed personal and professional lives.

Also be sure to visit The 70Decibles network and check out their arsenal of geeky goodness.

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