Making Something Magical

From John Jantsch:

I’ve come to understand that if there’s no tinge chaos, no doubt about what’s going on around me, no lingering sense of unknown — nothing magical will happen.

My best work, I’ve discovered, is to construct questions — not to have all the answers.

We always try to wait until we are sure, until we are ready, until the time is right. The thing is, we are never sure, never ready and the time is never going to be perfect. If you want to make something magical as John) suggests, you are going to have to stare uncertainty in the face and jump in against all odds.

Take the time to plan, take the time to get it right, just don’t ever let yourself wait until it is too late to do anything at all. Magical or otherwise…

6 Responses to Making Something Magical

  1. You’ve said something here that is often stated and has plenty of opinions. Maybe it’s because I am nearly ready, or maybe it’s because I am ready and this calls out to me. Anyway, thanks for that.

  2. Nothing more precious than the power of NOW. If I waited for the perfect time I would never do anything. What is the perfect time? Isn’t it down to us to do it and ensure that it was, in hindsight, the perfect time? 

    • I’d go one step farther and say that perfect is a fallacy. There will always be something you could have done better, always a circumstance that will be out of control. Couldn’t agree more. The most powerful productivity trick is putting your ass in a chair and doing something.

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