Make Twitter More Useful

Who is this for? Twitter users with a particular disdain for the ways that others use (or abuse) hashtags.

As we discuss in this week’s Mikes on Mics, social networks like Twitter can be a great tool for nurturing relationships. However as that network grows it can be a challenge to cut through the noise. While I’m not a fan of muting a particular person or topic, I am a fan of finding ways to make the time I spend on sites like Twitter more relevant and more fulfilling.

One of the less appealing aspects of Twitter is the way that many use hashtags. Apparently I’m not alone as Brett Kelly created a helpful pair of filters for popular iOS and Mac Twitter application, Tweetbot. These filters eliminate two of the more personally frustrating uses: excessive hashtagging and hashtag-based chats. This is a great way to find more of the signal by eliminating some of the noise.

Looking for more ways to cut out some common noise? Brett also points to a repository that collects similar filters.

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