Letterpress and Productivity

While preparing to record our weekly ad spot for Mikes on Mics, my co-host Mike Vardy and I found ourselves on a tangent about Letterpress, the crack-like addicting word game from Loren Brichter.

It started where you’d expect, talking about just how great of a game Letterpress is and what an amazing job Brichter did executing it. It quickly evolved into a larger conversation about how it impacted and, surprisingly, reflected our approaches to personal productivity.

We rarely talk about current events on the show, but we thought the conversation was well worth sharing. It doesn’t follow the format, Vardy wasn’t even using his usual mic and he may also have been a little bit drunk (but who are we to judge).

In addition to several parallels between the app and our approaches to personal productivity, we examine why I decided to get the hell away from the app while Vardy was able to exercise this thing I’d never heard of called willpower… It’s also a good look at how the little things can have a big impact on what you accomplish.

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