Let The Actual Thing Be Amazing

Marco Arment My favorite rule in Apple s marketing guidelines on Twitpic

My favorite rule in Apple’s marketing guidelines: twitpic.com/99gvt8

— Marco Arment (@marcoarment) April 14, 2012

Marco Arment posted this tiny tidbit from Apple’s marketing guidelines and it just hit home. I came across this very late at night and it resonated with something that has been banging around my brain for a while now. Many of us, myself included, want to be seen flying through the air or swimming under water. Fantastic. Unrealistic.

The thing about Apple (and their products) that I’ve always loved: they actually are amazing. And they don’t need hype or gimmicks to be that way. They don’t need to be anything more than they are. They have shortcomings, but overall, they deliver. They strive for incredible things, they offer amazing products and the conversation never strays all that far what they’ve already accomplished. It never has to.

We often feel the need to claim we are better than we are. There’s always a temptation to seem like we’ve got it all together, that we know more than we do. There’s an urge and a benefit to acting as if we capable of things we are not.

Here’s a late-night thought: what if we stopped claiming we could fly through the air? Not stop trying to do it, just stop claiming. What if who we are at this moment is enough to be amazing and we are detracting from that when we claim otherwise? What if we dedicated every action to becoming more amazing? What if we share what we learn as we try?

Anything ring true here or do I need to go to bed?

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  1. So here’s the thing – for a long time with broadcast media and people vying for the limited attention of consumers outlandish claims and “showing your product swimming” was par for the course. Unfortunately many companies continue to lack the understanding that now, with people being hyper-connected and able to communicate with each other globally and fast, the game has changed. A business should no longer act that way.

    Now it’s all about connecting with your ideal customers and not worrying about the rest. It’s about tailoring the message specifically for your target customers and not focusing on anyone else. It’s about making that connection and providing a superior experience.

    Many are still in broadcast mode. It’s time to get focused.

    So spot on!

    • Well said. There’s still this temptation to go with what works, but I think a big part of that is often times those outlandish claims work (the problem is, they don’t last).

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