Keep going

Musings from the finish line of my first 5k.

The beginning is crowded and it’s tough to find your pace. Keep going.

Expect to get passed by. A lot. You’ll get passed by children. You’ll get passed by old men and women (super inspiring, btw). You’ll get passed by someone in a turkey suit (well, you will if you run on thanksgiving). It doesn’t matter. Keep going.

Soon enough you pass others. Those who didn’t pace themselves. You’ll see people walk. You’ll walk yourself. It doesn’t matter, keep going.

You’ll see people stop. Don’t. Keep going.

You’ll hurt. You’ll want to stop. Don’t. Walk if you must (I did), but keep going.

You’ll see people cheering you on. Often strangers. Use that. Keep going.

You’ll see a crowd. You’ll see a finish line. Don’t speed up. Don’t rush it. Keep your pace. Keep going.

Don’t worry about those who crossed before you. Don’t worry how you look. Don’t over think things1. Keep going.

Finish. And when you do, turn around and encourage those behind you to keep going.

Thanks to Gini Dietrich for first suggesting I give this all a go and then forcing me to actually run a race. You’re the best!

  1. until you get to the finish line to write about it, obviously.  

5 Responses to Keep going

  1. Having run the local Turkey Trot with my 8-year-old niece yesterday, this is so right on the mark.  Wish I’d read this to her before we started.  The good news: she finished the race!! 

  2. I used to run quite a bit. Every race I would enter I would pick out that ‘one’ person who I thought ‘well, at least I won’t finish last’. I never finished last, but inevitably that ‘one’ person would kick my ass……

    My motto was to start out slow and taper off from there…….


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