It’s Time To Eliminate Friction

I have a fairly simple rule: whenever I read something and find myself unconsciously nodding my head the entire time, I share it here. If I think it can help you as much as it helps me, I make sure that you see it. That’s why I really want you to take a look at Aaron Mahnke’s latest project and manifesto, Frictionless.

I’ve spent my life fighting against something. For years, I thought it was the Resistance that Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield talk about, but fear was never really my issue. Sure, I freak myself out and self-sabotage as much as the next guy, but that isn’t the daily beast I battle with. Aaron Mahnke gives my beast a name with Frictionless. He helped me to acknowledge and seek out the friction that I attempt to struggle through with every passing day. He is putting words to something that I’ve known for some time now. No matter how hard I try, no matter how perseverant I am, I will not be able to accomplish my desired goals without dealing with the friction that continually holds me back.

There are organized people and there’s us. We have to do things differently, we have to find our system, we have to eliminate our Friction. Aaron lays out the case in his Frictionless Manifesto and will continue to lead the way with regular posts (and guests posts, including one from yours truly) on the subject of identifying and eliminating friction from every aspect of our lives. If you’re one of us, do yourself a favor. Go visit the site, subscribe to get your copy of the Manifesto and seriously consider supporting Aaron’s efforts by purchasing his capture cards (many of you may remember them as Helvetindex cards).

The Frictionless Manifesto is a great read, an important topic and is the perfect kickoff to an examination of how you can reduce and inevitably eliminate friction from your path. Go check it out… now!

Speaking of Aaron, he will also be joining Yuvi Zalkow and others for a week of guest blogs here at A Better Mess starting on Monday. Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a thing.

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