Is it a Priority?

From Eddie Smith:

I strongly recommend pursuing projects that add lasting value in your life by crowding out things that don’t really matter. If yourcurrent “priorities” don’t force you to put them first— whether it be through passion or accountability— then they really aren’t priorities at all.

It can be a challenge to clean out the clutter from your life. Until you do, you will often find yourself working on anything you can check off your list rather than something that really matters to you (or in some cases your employer).

We keep ourselves so busy. We fill our time to the brim. So often, we end up so busy “doing” that we never end up “planning”1.

Taking a step back from “doing” to go into “planning” mode is essential. It lets you get perspective and helps you get to that place where you can unceremoniously eradicate the nonsense and realize what is actually a priority.

Hat tip to Yuvi’s for the kick ass, neurotically jewish (hollah!) video that inspired Eddie’s post in the first place.

  1. I mean, we have so much to do, how can you possibly expect us to have time to plan.  

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