Introducing the 2×4 Series

I love blog series. They are a great way to build upon a theme and an easy way to ensure my lazy ways don’t get the best of me. With Techie Scheky, I talk about tools and workflows that help me get things done. With this new series, 2×4, I want to take a look and possibly introduce you to the work of others who are making things on the web.

At the heart of this blog is the idea that technology has the power to help you unlock both your creativity and your productivity. So this series will question and chronicle those who are using the new tools at all of our disposal to get their best work out into the world.

Every victim, ehem… I mean participant will answer the same eight questions: four questions on creativity and four more on productivity (get it, 2 subjects, 4 questions each… 2×4… seriously, try to keep up, people). The hope is that you will get a look into their work, their tools and their process. Perhaps you may even walk away with an idea to improve or even begin your own efforts.

I’m not only looking to chronicle obvious creatives. Over time, I’m looking not only to feature artists, musicians, designers and filmmakers, but also bloggers who may not even consider themselves and their work to be creative. In fact, we are going to be kicking off the series with exactly that! My good buddy, Gini Dietrich has offered to be the first to indulge me with her rather excellent answers.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow (or you can just subscribe) as we (and by we, I mean me) kick off this brand-new series that shows you how people go about making things on the web.

Have anyone you think would be ideal for this series? Let me know below!

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