Inspiration Comes From Everywhere, Even Shareholders’ Meetings

From Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame:

We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details.

I’m easily inspired, but it is rare that I feel truly punched in the gut by someone’s words. This phrase, hell this entire commentary from Bezos made me stop dead in my tracks and think about the way I approach the world.

I’m often accused of being rigid and I am. It is a byproduct of my everyday battle with my ADHD. If I don’t build walls for myself, I don’t get anywhere. But if I end up being too rigid, I will quickly box myself in. It’s a delicate balance and I have a feeling these words are going to become a bit of a guiding light.

I’ve always been overly focused on the details and have likely underemphasized the overall vision. Thanks, Jeff,1 for some well needed perspective.

  1. I feel like we are buddies now and should clearly be on a first-name basis…  

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