If You Only Read One Thing Today

Make it the rest of this post by Brian Saemann:

The world will offer you a death with dignity. You do not need to suffer alone or be in fear it will say. The world will take care of you. This is a generous world.

For all of this, it only asks for one thing in return. All the world wants is your humanity. Fuck the world… go your own way and never look back.

Go make deep connections with incredible people. Don’t subsist on the shallow connections the world wants you to have.

Go discover new things. Create. Be beautiful.

This is an excerpt from an email that Brian sent to his two young children. It will go into an account that they will receive when they get older. I look forward to a day – several years down the road – when they open this message from their father.

You can also listen to an interview that I just posted with Brian about his recent journey from unfulfilling, yet gainful employment to a more meaningful, yet responsible life of self-employment.

Disclaimer: Brian is my brother-in-law, so I’m biased as hell here. I’m also glad that it’s my nephews who will one day get to read this letter and continually get to witness Brian’s example. Many people can write this; Brian’s living it.

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  1. “F__k the world… go your own way and never look back.”

    I know he’s your brother, but sorry, that remark alone means I’m not interested in anything he has to say. If he lacks the balance to accept the good in the world–and in ordinary (rather than “incredible”) people and reject the bad with balance and good sense, he’s not that impressive. Dumb defiance is as foolish as passive acquiesce.

    • I hear you and I don’t know if you read the whole thing or haven’t, but I don’t think he’s talking about everything there. Just specifically the parts that look to keep you down.

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