I Love Shameless Self Promotion!


What is great about the title is that I genuinely do enjoy and respond to self promotion, but there’s a catch… It has to be done right. If everything that comes out of your mouth is all about you, I am likely to quickly tune out whatever it is you are saying, even if it has immense value to me. That being said, I love it when someone who gives endlessly reaches out to their network to ask for something important in return.

Today, I noticed an open request from Chris Brogan that I just could not ignore! I read Chris’ blog every single day… sometimes three times or more a day when Chris is particularly active. The blog is extremely informative for those wondering how to best use the web as part of their marketing strategy. It has been extremely useful to me since I started reading his site 6 months ago. While I will occasionally comment on the blog or reach out to Chris on Twitter, he always manages to bring more to the table than I do. So when I saw Chris post today asking for anyone and everyone to help spread the word about his and Julien Smith’s new book Trust Agents, I knew I genuinely wanted to comply. Chris gives generously to his readers every single day and I am thrilled to be able to give back for a change.

Amusingly enough, just as I started to write this post, my very own copy of the book arrived on my desk. I will be sure to update this post with a brief review once I finish the book, but I am confidant enough from months of reading Chris’ blog to say that this book will be a must read for anyone building up their personal or professional presence on the web. If you are yet to buy Chris and Julien’s new book, you should get it now as I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be talking about this one. As for the self promotional aspect of Chris’ request, anyone who puts that much effort into giving to their community should feel free to ask for a little in return every now and again.

What do you think? Are you planning on purchasing Trust Agents or did Chris’ self promotion go to far? Personally, I’m glad he thought to ask!