How Packed Is My Mac?

Long story short:

We are trying out a new segment on the Mikes on Mics podcast. It’s full of all kinds of Mac geekery. If you’re into that kind of thing, join us as we dig through my applications folder and discover just “How Packed Is My Mac”.

Long story:

I tend to have stupid ideas. I also tend to act on them, especially when nudged. One such stupid idea was to take a segment from one of my favorite podcast, Enough and turn it on its head.

The hosts, Patrick Rhone of Enough and Myke Hurley have this one recurring series, “How Bare Is Your Air,” that is essentially geek porn (the good kind). They invite really knowledgeable Mac users on the show and ask them to determine how they could accomplish their goals if restricted to a 64 GB 11″ MacBook Air. It forces the user to make hard choices and to truly think about the tools they use and how they would react to the limitations. I learn a lot from the thought processes and workflows of various users. If you’re remotely into this kind of thing, I recommend it highly.

Now on the other hand, I also know the truth. Most of us live our lives with far more hard drive space and far more applications than is needed. We have a lot of work on our plates and have collected an array of tools to help us do it over the years. We’re also all creatures of habit and have trouble letting go.

With that in mind, I joked with my fellow podcast host, Mike Vardy, that we host our own “How Packed Is Your Mac?” episodes to prove just “How Bare Isn’t Our Air”. That we encourage people to open their applications folder and show as close to a full picture as possible (within a reasonable timeframe).

I was kidding, but Vardy decided to get permission from the guys at Enough to pay homage. They gave their blessing and now, we’re testing the idea out on ourselves.

Today, I’m in the hot seat. I’m fighting through shame and am sharing all of the crap that is on my Mac. So if you’re interested in how you might go about packing your own Mac or if you just enjoy encouraging those who make stupid ideas a reality, give the episode a listen or better yet, subscribe in iTunes or use this link in Instacast as we will have far smarter people joining us for future “How Packed Is Your Mac?” episodes.

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