How Do You Rank? | From JCK Magazine

With so much to worry about when it comes to Web marketing, it’s easy to overlook more complex areas. We’re so busy with Facebook, Twitter, and blogs that we neglect the basics–like SEO, or search engine optimization.

Via JCK Magazine

For this month’s JCK column I wanted to touch on the often ignored, yet essential art of SEO. Lately it feels as if there an overemphasis on social media sites and that essential marketing initiatives such as email and search are getting ignored. Even though I wish they had gone with my original title of “SeO What?”1, I still think that those of you who are just getting started with SEO (especially at a local level) will find this 30,000 foot overview useful. Give the full article a read and let me know what you think!

  1. I know, I am a petty person  

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