How $5 Can Make You A Better Husband and Employee

Note:* This one is iPhone only, sorry for (erm, I mean to*) all you Android, Blackberry and StarTac users.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. If you are one of those people (read: me) who has an uncanny ability to forget tiny little things (e.g. Remember a piece of paperwork or pick up milk on your way home), Due for the iPhone is going to change your game.

I’ve tried everything over the years. Calendar reminders, visual cues, to-dos, voicemail, email, even texting myself. They often work in the long run, but have never really served as a solution. Calendar reminders can be dismissed, visual cues ignored, to-dos can get missed and emails, voicemails and texts are often forgotten as soon. Due, on the other hand, turns your phone into a relentless stalker (in a good way) that makes sure you accomplish those insignificant yet essential tasks.

We always get so obsessed with progress on our major projects that we often lose sight of the fact that it is remembering the little things that sets us apart from the pack. My wife is happier, my co-workers are starting to trust my feeble brain just a little bit more and I feel like I have a safe place to put the things I used to unsuccessfully promise myself I’d remember.

Bottom line, pull out your iPhone and download Due. You can come back and thank me later.

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    • You should, seriously… just ask my wife. It’s made a HUGE difference. She’s actually using and loving it too. It’s the only stalker I’ve ever wanted!

    • Have you taken the time to set the Quick Access Timings in the settings window? Makes it even faster. Especially if you usually leave the house and head home around the same time each day.

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